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FOR SALE: Rothmans Metro 6R4 With Spares package


  • Reg: C727 DYL on 19/03/86
  • 1st Owner: David Richards Autosport LTD (Prodrive)
  • 2nd Owner: Ali Karacan (1987 Turkish Champ.)
  • 3rd Owner: Copi Motorsport
  • Large spares package included

The car was bought from the Austin Rover group in 1986. This Metro was then built into a full GRP B 6R4 and converted to LHD by AutoSport LTD (Plated 6R4 011) for Ali Carakan to compete in the Turkish Championship in the 1986 season, sponsored by Rothmans Playboy racing team.

At the end of the 1987 season the car was then sold on to Hans Te. Pass (Dutch rallycross champion). Who kept this beautiful 6R4 to 1993. Fernando (owner of copi sport) has owned the car from 1993 until 2022.

After 16 years not active, its restoration began in 2014 traveling to U.K. to return to its original specifications, passing the corresponding DVLA inspections and retrieved the original documentation, canceled after export to Turkey.
After 18 months of work, the chassis and shell was finished. Another 4 months was necessary to get, checking all the details, the exclusive FIA Historic Technical Passport.

After passing through the UK to certify the enrolment and documentation, its restoration began in 2014.

First, the chassis was completely sandblasted and repaired to pass through the painting process. Subsequently the original fibre panels, carbon- windows and all elements corresponding to body-shell, headlights, screens, etc were replaced for new ones.

Gaskets, belts and wires, pumps, pipes, filters or fans, were changed for new ones, and mechanical parts, drive-shafts, etc, all fully revised.

All the brake system including pumps and Aeroquip are new. Once the mechanics were done the new tarmac spec suspension was fitted.

Inside the cockpit, the dashboard loom, and complete electrical circuit was restored including a new electrical water pump.

With 18 months of restoration jobs, it returned to the paint shop to decorate with the original colours and livery of Rothmans Rally Team as it saw the light in 1986.

Finally, the engine diff and gearbox was sent for a fully rebuild (£35,560 GBP) by Dr. Ian Rowlance at 6R4, including new engine MOTEC ECU.

Now with only a 20kms test it is ready to go to a proper collector, this car can be used in Rally legends/Goodwood/San Remo!

Price - £235,000 with spares package

Contact Marty on:

  • Tel: 07798 572852
  • Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

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